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2022 Princess Park Walking Club


There are five different routes (colored on the park map). There will be a sheet posted at the Cookhouse every weekend. You must mark your route(s) walked on the spreadsheet once completed. We will post monthly progress reports on the Campground Website/GLP Glampers Page.  All routes will be measured out in KM's in the Spring. You can only mark down the  KM’s you walked from 6 PM on Friday until 6 PM on Sunday. Long weekends/statutory holidays will also count - 2 Mondays on May 23rd and August 1st until 6PM; July 1st time will also count but will start at 9 AM until Sunday July 3rd at 6 PM.

START TIMES - May 20th until September 4th. We will have prizes for the top 3 each- KM's walked for Women, Men and Kiddos.

walking club 2022_edited.jpg

RED COURSE ------       from Cookhouse around Activity Island

ORANGE COURSE ---- from Cookhouse around campers waterfront road

BLUE COURSE --------  from Cookhouse to trail exiting behind the public                                              washrooms back to the Cookhouse

GREEN COURSE -------from Cookhouse to Boat launch down the beach to                                          Causeway and back to the Cookhouse

GREY COURSE -------   from Cookhouse down the road to the Causeway                                              back to the Cook house all road walking

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